Bristol Virginia-
Police found a dark-haired little girl who they said was tied up on a bed through July and early August, sometimes for weeks at a time.
If that wasn’t sadistic enough- her own relatives used plastic snakes and spiders (which terrified her) to scare her. 


6z0gwoThe 6 year old’s grandmother  Elsie Reyes, her uncle Roberto Leiva and her aunt,Virginia Ramos were arrested and charged with abuse.
Police stated that the girl was tied up and in time out for stealing  food  from  family refrigerator in their home at Second Street in Springdale Village Apartments.(and…why does a child steal food? because they are HUNGRY- that is not cause for punishment! It doesn’t look like people kept food from the auntie, if you see her picture!)
In the criminal complaint, the photo led to social services  investigators and police going to the apartment where they matched the girl and a mattress to the picture they had been sent.
The girl’s aunt Virginia Ramos, age 20,  has been accused of binding the girl’s ankles with a type of fabric.
Ramos and her mom Elsie Reyes age 46, who is the child’s grandmother and the primary custodian  were each changed with child abuse and neglect.
The girl’s uncle Roberto Leiva age 25, was charged as an ancessory-police said he knew about the  abuse and did nothing to stop it.
More charges are to come.
The girl and her 4- year-old brother are now in temp. custody of a foster family.

 Source: Charleston Daily Mail

Some kind of family, all three  of this little girl’s relatives have totally failed her, and the bail for such a crime as this? a measly $1500 JOKE. While all should be ashamed of their behavior- the grandmother should really be ashamed, because she was caring for these kids as a result of their parents being in jail-and this is how she cares for the child?
And some people give foster care a bad rap-maybe in a foster home this child would have been taking BETTER CARE of  rather then being placed with her family. If you can’t depend on family, who can you depend on?