Mansfield, Mass.-

Griffin Claims God Told Him to Kill Daughter
Kris Griffin

35-year old Kristopher Griffin is being held in a mental hospital for an evaluation for the death of his little daughter Kaitlynn Griffin, age 6. Police say that the

 man crept into the home of his former girlfriend  and, believing he was acting on God’s orders, slit their 6-year-old daughter’s throat.



 The note specifically asked for “forgiveness forsending Katie to heaven.”

When police arrived at the scene, they found  Mr.Griffin walking down the street barefoot with blood on his face and shirt. Sadly they also found his daughter Kaitlynn, dead in the basement of the home.  She had been covered with a sheet and her throat had been slit.

When police asked him if he had harmed anyone, he said that he had killed his little girl.  In a bizarre ‘explanation’, Griffin explained “that the only way he could save her, according to God, was to murder her.” Griffin,who had recently separated from the girl’s mother, then begged cops to shoot him.

Now if only the cops would have taken him up on his offer, it would only be right, the 6 -year-old child, I am quite certain, wanted to live to be 7. Griffin is the one who had a death wish, he could have just taken himself out and left the child out of it.  Why take the children with you?Rest in peace Kaitlynn.