Mesa, Arizona-

“We don’t know if this child routinely eats dog food but I can tell you our officers felt bad enough that that they went and purchased food out of their own money and brought it to these kids…”

– Sgt. Ed Wessing (Mesa police spokesman)


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Kids left to eat dog food
Her kids were left alone and ate dog food

A 20-year-old mother  was arrested and charged with child neglect and endangerment after police found her 1 and 3-year-old children at home alone.  One of the children was discovered in a kitchen pantry, hungrily chowing down on dog food.

Neighbors in Samantha Abernathy’s complex took action and called the police after seeing the children wandering around the complex unsupervised.  When the police arrived, they found the apartment door wide open, and thru a walk through of the apartment, noticed the urine and feces-stained walls in the children’s bedrooms. The kitchen had a fridge stocked with alcohol but little to no food for the children to eat. 

When mom finally got home, she had no real explanation for leaving a  2 and 3 year old home alone at 2 am, but told officers that she had to go and “help and ex-boyfriend” (help him do what exactly? ) Oh yeah… when Abernathy finally dragged herself home, it was already 10:00 am.

I swear people should just give their kids up for adoption if they do not plan to make at least 1/2 a decent effort to be a parent. I mean, if you claim to be a mother and your fridge is stocked with more  Miller Light then MILK-needless to say, yupyour prioritites are severely screwed up! Samantha Abernathy’s been charged with child endangerment and child neglect (2 felony  cts. each) and her bond was $2,700.

So… basically she’s out already, and maybe enjoying one of those beers with the ex she had to go help at 2am?