Alicia GrahamHectorTricoche and Tara GrahamLong Island, New York-

Police on Long Island have thrown these three in jail for the  cruel neglect and abuse of three small children.  After getting a complaint about possible abuse of the children,  police found the grandmother 37-year-old (37 and a grandma- that’s just downright silly!!) Tara Graham, of Bay Shore with a 20-month old boy, her grandson and the son of Alisha Graham and Hector Tricoche (32) covered with human feces walking around in the  disgusting  home. Grandma reportedly gave the cops an attitude  and would not cooperate-so she was quickly arrested and Child Protection Services took the boy into custody.

 Later, since Hector and Alisha were M.I.A. the police and CPS worker  set out to find them, as well as the other two children.

Police located Hector and Alisha in a car at a gas station. When they searched the vehicle, they found Tricoche’s nieces who were

bruised, and battered, while special victims detectives were examining the 6-year-old girl, they noticed the lethargic 13-month-old girl in a blanket covered with debris in the back of the car. The two girls are the nieces of  Tricoche and were taken to the hospital for futher exams and treatment.

Alicia Graham was arrested and charged with assault and endangering the welfare of a child. Tricoche was arrested and charged with child endangerment, while Tara was charged with child endangerment,obstructing governmental administration, and resisting arrest. Here’s hoping that was the last day these three will ever

see these kids and that  parental rights are snatched up like an abandoned purse on a subway train.


New York Post