Milton Massachusetts

(okay…what is going on up in Massachusetts these days???)

Kerby Revelus

  A 23-year-old-man, Kerby Revelus, was known to be a good big brother, a normal guy around his upscale neighborhood, but now neighbors are asking how they could have been so wrong about Kerby Revelus and wondering what could have made him do such a depraved act.

Samantha Revelus

Kerby Revulus suddenly became enraged and for some ungodly reason, took it all out on his 3 innocent sisters,the youngest who who had just celebrated a birthday the day before. He lashed out with a knife and and fatally stabbed his 17-year-old sister Samantha.

Bianca Revelus

Then he decapitated his 5-year-old sister, Bianca right in front of police officers.  As the police officers pleaded with him to release the knife- he attempted to go after his other sister Sarafina with the knife, but officers shot him and he fell to the floor, the knife still gripped in his hand.

Sarafina Revelus

Sister, Sarafina was hospitalized with defensive wounds  to her hands and stab wounds to her stomach and leg. The tragedy comes as a shock to those that knew the family as “a good family” that had to parents who worked and with good children. They are still trying to make sense of it all.

Apparently this man had to have severe mental issues for him to do such a thing to his little sisters, who probably loved him and looked up to him. Mental illness is serious and needs to be treated and not brushed under a rug by families. I give my sympathy to this family for their incredible loss. But I do wish that if Kerby wanted out of  life so bad he would have went solo and left his sisters out of it.