Jeremy and dad (L) clueless mom Kristen (R)

Salem Massachusetts-

A woman was charged with failing to obtain medical care for her 9-year-old son,suffering from non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. The mother, Kristen Anne LaBrie of  Beverly Mass., is said to have missed  or canceled more than a dozen appointments for the child’s chemotherapy treatments and failed to get half of  his prescriptions filled.

Young Jeremy Fraser died Monday at a hospice from the cancer he was diagnosed with in 2006.  Mom has pleaded not guilty to reckless child endangerment, and his father Eric Fraser wants to see justice done.

I just can’t see how any parent could withold the very medicine and treatment that could save their child’s life! The child had CANCER not a   simple case of the sniffles! What the hell was wrong with this parent? 

 Why was Jeremy not taken from the mom’s custody by the state to get the chemo. treatments in time?  I think Kristen should be charged with 2nd degree murder at the very least-because in a way she ultimately killed her son by not getting him the medicines that would have saved him. Mom needs to pay for this and send a firm message to some of these ultra religious parents out there who won’t let doctors and medicine intervene to save their children from serious life threatening illnesses.

At the end of the day, they are killing their children-PERIOD.