Mom, Tamara Jones

Jasper Texas-

Jasper County Deputies say that they found a toddler wandering the streets alone. Then when they went to the boy’s home, they found methamphetamine and more than 1 dozen snakes there.

Home Full of Snakes

The mother, Tamara Jones has been charged with endangerment of a child by criminal neglect and possession of a controlled substance.
People who lived near Jones reported the wandering child and the sheriffs deputy managed to track down his mother in her Buna home, where she admitted that the deputies found a “small amount” of the meth and the 16 snakes, 1 that was already dead, and 1 that was about 8 ft. long. Oh yes, and she didn’t have a CLUE where her 2-year-old son was.

Despite the child neglect, endangerment, and drugs found and the snakes, this 28-year-old mom was released on a $75000 bond, with no attorney information and no phone listing for her.

So, all bets are mommy is not going to show up for like, any court hearings or anything important like that. Good Job Jasper , Texas—Not!!!! Child Protection Services is investigating.

Source: KXMB and KFDM