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A 4-year-old boy was found beaten in  his grandmother’s apartment Sunday. The medical examiner said the boy, Kevion Shand, died of  blunt impact injuries and brain hemorrhaging. He was found unconscious and unresponsive with signs of trauma to his little body: injuries to his head, face and jaw.

Grandmother Angela Barksdale, 45, was charged in the second-degree murder of the little boy who she was given custody of when his mother was sent to prison.  Grandma was ONE person that little Kevion should NOT  have been living with.

It appears that Angela Barksdale unfortunately was up against a continuing battle with the crack pipe. She also had a criminal record for assault, and robbery.

Another child  an 18 months old boy, was found in the home, unharmed and is now in foster care.  At Barksdale’s arraignment Kevion’s Grandfather, Kenneth Shand shouting to her as she collasped on the floor,

That’s right, you killed my gandson, I hope you rot in hell.

I have no doubts hell has a special place for Barksdale and others just like her. Grandmothers do not beat and kill their grandchildren-most of the time they are the ones to save children from the abuse and neglect we hear about. Angela Barksdale doesn’t deserve to be called a grandmother. I hope she spends several years behind bars.