Tulsa, Oklahoma-

Bert Miner sits in a Tulsa jail facing charges accusing him of  (years of ) abuse of his daughter, resulting in her having six of his children.


The daughter told police that she had the first child at the age of 13, and she’s  now 27 years old- expecting another child by her father.  According to the news channel Fox 23 Miner  used religion to manipulate his daughter into believing that  his acts were the will of God, and in an even more  bizarre twist- forced her to live as his wife, telling her that they were doing nothing wrong.  For all the years of his abuse, Miner has a bail of $750,000 and is only being charged with one count of incest– (never mind the astounding fact that there are 6 children who are the product of repeated sexual abuse, and/or  statutory rape).

 A Psychologist told a repoter at Fox23 that :

This is a case of mind manipulation and isolation from the outside world, all designed to brainwash the victim, control her, and completely warp the relationship between a parent and child.

I hope that this man is properly prosecuted and sent under the prison when it is all over. How any person that calls himself a father, can do this to their child, and then try to rationalize it with religion literally makes me sick to my stomach.

He will probably never know half the hell he put his child through, nor the hard work she has in front of her  (probably for the rest of her life)  just to live a normal life. Another Father who needs to rot in hell.

For more information go to: Fox23 News in Tulsa.