A father was arrested and charged with the attempted murder of his two children and sexual battery of  one of them. Near the end of December ’08, Hawkins County Sheriff deputies were called out to the 294 Choptack Road  home of James Kevin Collins (38) on a shooting complaint.

Kevin James Collins (Hawkins Co. Sheriff's Office)

 When the deputies arrived, they met Collins  who allegedly admitted that he’d tried to kill his two daughters, ages 17 and 19.

“He was apparently waiting for law enforcement to arrive and he made the statement that he had just tried to kill his children,” said  Sheriff Roger Christian. “He was excited and agitated, and when asked to calm down by an officer he responded, “It’s hard to do that when you just tried to kill your children.”

According, to arrest warrant, Collins allegedly went into one daughter’s bedroom, fondled her chest area and kissed her. He then asked the daughter

if she would like to see her sister and mother dead. The victim stated that her father than placed a pillow over her face two times and then she began screaming. “

Collins then left the room, went and got a gun. The warrant also states a second daughter- who was asleep upstairs, awoke from the noise. She got up, came downstairs to find her sister and father struggling over the gun when it off.  The second daughter then went downstairs and retrieved the gun. The gun was later taken by the officers.

Mr. Collins  (who is unemployed) was then taken to  Lakeshore Medical Health Institute in Knoxville for an evaluation, due to making suicidal statements while in custody. When realeased, he was arrested and put in the Hawkins County Jail  on a $20,000 bond.  Collins is set to be arraigned Jan.5th in General Sessions Court.

I am curious as to why his bond is this low? If I am not mistaken, for him to make bond (10%), someone would only need to pay like $2,000 and he’s out, free?  He (allegedly) nearly KILLED his children with that gun, MOLESTED one of them-and the bond amount is WAY too low. 

If he’d snatched a chicken from a local grocery store-I bet he’d recieved a  much higher bond. Now, tell me I am wrong. This is just messed up.


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