Port St. Lucie,FL-


Police have charged 31-year-old mother Eryn Allegra with the Christmas Day murder of her eight-year-old son, Tristan.

Allegra ate dinner with her boy, allegedly gave her son 8 Advil pills before he went to sleep in their Holiday Inn  hotel room. When he had been asleep for a while, she entered the room, and suffocated him by placing a pillow over his face.


After this, the Florida mom then climbed into a tub and tried to slit her wrist, but was unsuccessful in getting the dull blade to slice effectively. Eryn then called 911 and was taken to a local hospital.


She  told the investigators she’d been having financial problems for like a year and more.  Yet, is this the reason to kill your child on-and on CHRISTMAS??!!  Didn’t Eryn watch the news or pick up a newspaper? We are ALL having FINANCIAL PROBLEMS? (Really, It’s like join the club lady!)

There are so many agencies out here that could have helped her and her son-especially during the Christmas holiday. There was no reason or excuse for her to take her child’s life. None. Rest in Peace Tristan.