Christopher-denied a chance at life

A Milwaukee, Wis. foster mom, Cyrstal P. Keith who was also the aunt to little Christopher L. Thomas and his 2-year-old sister, is now charged with his death. She is also in jail for the on-going abuse of the surviving little girl whom she beat since last June.

When the children were brought to Children’s Hospital Wisconsin, Christopher was examined by doctors and found to have suffered horribly. He had a broken right arm, bruises on his thigh, and had a lacerated tongue. Cyrstal P. Keith admitted to beating the baby since he began crawling. What her set her off this time? Christopher wouldn’t eat his food-so she beat him to death, causing his eyes to roll back into his head, and resulting in him vomiting.

In an effort, to ‘revive’ Christopher from the beating or brutal shaking she gave him and get him to breath again, this idiot put a hairbrush down his throat. I guess this dummy never heard of mouth to mouth. By the next day sadly, Chris was dead. 

 Doctors examining his sister found she suffered just as terribly while in the custody of ‘foster parent’   Aunt Crystal. The toddler was very underweight, with laceration marks to her neck, chest, back, feet and burn marks from head to toe. It seems this child was nearly going to be the next homicide victim of her “caregiver.”  

The thing that makes me so mad about this, is these two children were in another foster home with loving and responsible parents. They were TAKEN AWAY from foster parents that wanted to adopt, and all because the Wisconsin child welfare personnel wanted to place them with RELATIVES instead. A little boy is dead now instead of being in a loving family who could have given him a life he deserved because of bloodlines??? A little girl was starved, scalded and beaten because the state of Wisconsin favored a relative to care for her?

Crystal, may have been the aunt to the children, but she apparently was also all about collecting a damn check. Family placements are not always best for the children, and sometimes the children can be better cared for by non-relatives who are all about the child and have their best interest at heart.

Think about this, why would you take a baby/child/children from a crack-addicted, dysfunctional family and place it/them with even more drug-addicted relatives just so they can further mistreat a child-when there are  foster parents wanting to care for the child/children ?

Remember that saying, the Apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree?

Sometimes when it comes to the children we have to say screw the next-of-kin placements and realize who the child has formed bonds with, attachments and who really loves the CHILD and not the monthly deposits into their bank accounts.  Way to go to the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare, one more child needlessly lost due to your obvious stupidty.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel