Grand Junction, Colorado-

Jacob Grabe is dead and allegedly at the hands of his own father, Allen Lee Grabe (51).

Authorities are still investigating the case, according to Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger, but it appears last Thursday night- the young teen was shot by his dad in the family home at 3045 Wedgewood Ave. Shortly after, 911 was called by the child’s mother, Jacquetter Jeffris Grabe. Police arrived at 9:53pm after the neighbors also reported hearing the gunshots. By that time Jacob was gone. He was a child who was small for his age, and he was described by neighbors as being a really quiet, nice boy-yet “different”.

Jacob had Asperger’s Syndrome, which is a conditon like Autism. Neighbors said his parents were friendly-yet kept to them selves, and were very protectective of their child and who he befriended, which I could understand. However, one neighbor said that the father’s behavior worried her. She witnessed him outside, “laughing and talking to himself and throwing his hands in the air. Allen was arrested Thursday night, charged with first degree murder and felony child abuse resulting in death. He is being held at the Mesa County Jail.



Hautzinger said Monday that an affidavit —(or a statement of facts that shows probable cause outlining reasons why a person should be arrested ) will be unsealed by a judge Wednesday,

the day 51-year-old defendant Allen Grabe will be charged with murder in his son’s death. He is under a $1 million bond.


 It is so hard for me to even imagine what could make a father shoot his own child-especially a sleeping, defenseless child, as Jacob was described as asleep in his bed when his father took a gun to him, senselessly ending his young life.  I feel for the mother of this child who will probably never escape the nightmares this tragedy will leave her with for the remainder of her life.

Rest in Peace Jacob.


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