Today, the parents of Michaela Watkins, were found guilty in the 10-year-old child’s death last year. The husband and wife were each sentenced to life in prison and may have a chance at parole after 20 years served. The jury took less than 2 hours in deliberations to decide their fate. Attorney’s for both Patrick and Joy Watkins felt their clients could not be found ‘not guilty,’ but they argued that the two were not guilty of intentional murder.Source: WTVQ 36 and

 Now Michaela can rest in peace, and her parents will have a long hard jail time to think about why they had to kill this child, instead of getting her the help she needed for her behavioral issues. I still don’t understand how the parents could say this was all just an accident, when Michaela’s little body was battered, her teeth chipped,her head full of injuries-and it was an accident? Accidents don’t look like that and I am so glad this jury didn’t buy it. You can’t beat the life out of a child with a table leg and label it an accident. It just doesn’t work like that.



Michaela Watkins was only 10
Stepmom backhanded her and bit her ear

The trial of Patrick and Joy Watkins who are accused in the death of Michaela Watkins has started. Both have plead not guilty. Yesterday, the jury heard testimony about what happened to young Michaela Watkins, daughter of Patrick and step-daughter of Joy. During taped interviews the day after the Michaela’s death, Patrick told police that after a family trip, Michaela fell down the stairs of their home. He said she went to lay down and and was later discovered dead in her bed.

Joy tells a story that simply contradicts her husbands. She said that Michaela never fell down the stairs and that when the family returned from the trip, at some point the child urinated on herself and then was told to go in the bathroom and clean up. Joy said that she heard “a shriek” when Michaela was in the bathroom with Patrick, and that Michaela had gotten herself in scalding-hot water. Joy said she came to the bathroom to check (Patrick says she never came to the bathroom). 

Whatever these two low-lifes say happened to Michaela, doesn’t matter much to me because what the medical examiner, Christin Rolf says paints a more horrifying (and much more believeable) picture of what led to the end of this girl’s short and deeply-troubled life.

Michaela’s Injuries: Medical Examiner Testimony
(Dr. Christin Rolf)
  1. Michaela’s injuries were most likely inflicted on her within 36 hours of her death
  2. Michaela suffered from about 35 injuries to her head alone, including bruises to her eyes, and then more scrapes all over her 77 lb. body
  3. There were bite marks located behind her ear and on her ankle
  4. A severe chest injury was the main cause of Michaela’s death which crushed 5 of her ribs. The M.E. said that the chest injury caused respiratory failure and most likely was the result of the child being hit hard 1 quick time with a blunt object
  5.  Michaela had blisters on the backs of her ankles

 Joy Watkins revealed that she got into a tussle with Michaela after the child tried to “claw her face”. So, she backhanded Michaela two times leaving bruises on her face, and then bit her on the back of one of her ears.  BUT JOY swears she was not responsible for the murder. Joy also said, she knew Michaela needed medical attention on that March morning of 2007 (Seeing as she was a certified nurses aide and all!) but she didn’t get her any because she and her husband were scared that authorities would think she was reponsible. Then she whined to the investigators saying “It’s easy to lay the blame on the step-parent!”

What are people supposed to think when you’ve back-handed a child and tussled with them on the kitchen floor?  Why was she even putting a hand on someone else’s child? and WHY on earth was Patrick allowing this to happen? He is far from innocent in this, and that little girl did not deserve to be treated this way by two people who were supposed to love and take the best care of her. Neither of them apparently did that.

The trial will continue Friday @ the Clark County Courthouse.




Emtional Testimony Winds Up First Week of Watkins Trial:

Jurors heard from a relative of Patrick Watkins, his sister Stephanie Rader. She said she was asked by him to come to his home,but not told the reason.  When she got there, she saw the lifeless, body of her 10-year-old niece, and was first told by Patrick that she was asleep. He then quickly admitted that she was dead. Prosecutors then asked what Michaela looked like and Rader replied through sobs and tears,

“She looked as if she’d been beaten to death…I kept saying Sissy, get up”

Patrick would later repeatedly asked his sister, “What have I done?” and commented that he was going to jail.


Other witnesses included a medical expert, who said that there was “no way” Michaela’s injuries were caused by accident and that her stepping into a bath of scalding water could not be the origin of the severe burns to her body. Prosecutors believe Michaela was beaten with an object similar to a 2X4 piece of wood, which could have crushed the 77 pound-girl’s chest. The county deputy coroner testified that Michaela was dead for about 4-6 hours when he arrived at the home. A CVS store clerk testified that Joy Watkins purchased 2 packages of gauze and a tube of cream at 3:30pm March 10, 2007.

Michaela had burns to the back of her legs, and on her behind. Police later found a long wooden table leg in the couple’s car, found under the rear passenger seat, which the medical expert believes could have crushed Michaela’s ribs.

Testimony to continue Monday 9 a.m.