Raymond Thurmond



The walls looked like they were moving sometimes. There were so many bugs and roaches on the wall,” said Collins. “When the door first opened roaches fell from the ceiling down to the floor. So, I knew then we were in for something.”-Officer Missy Collins with the Lavonia Police Department

Lavonia, Georgia-

Police  arrested this man, 36 year old Raymond Thurmond, who is accused of holding his wife and four kids captive in a filthy home for three years.


Neighbors in the Beaver Dam trailer park in Lavonia where the family lived said they had no idea anyone occupied the single wide trailer.

Beaver Creek Community (CNN.com)


 Lavonia Police Chief Bruce Carlisle said officers arrested Thurmond Tuesday when he arrived for work at a processing plant. The man’s family was discovered after the woman finally got a chance to escape and get help.







Kids and mom held captive-living room(Independent Mail)


Officers found evidence that the family was forcibly kept in the house, including a padlock on a bedroom door, he said.

“It’s scary stuff,” he said. “We’re just glad we were able to get to them.” Thurmond was charged with rape, child abuse and false imprisonment.Investigators said they found no food in the home, and the children were both undernourished and underweight. The woman and children had been allowed to leave just once since moving to the mobile home park in 2005. A 14-year-old once attended first grade but the other children — 13, 12 and 9 — had never even been to school.

Carlisle said Thurmond would not allow his wife or children outside except for a trip to North Carolina for Easter.  Even then, “they were only allowed to stay for two hours and had to return home,” the chief said. Photos taken by investigators showed thousands of roaches crawling in and out of drawers, cupboards, and furniture.

Bathroom of Thurmond home

Old pizza boxes were stacked in one corner of the living room with dozens of empty plastic soda bottles strewn about on the floor. Kitchen counters were covered in stacks of dirty dishes and empty cans of food and bags of garbage were strewn about, mixed with dirty clothes and other trash.

Investigators said the woman told them she was not allowed to clean. The family was taken and placed in protective custody at an undisclosed location. The children were being evaluated and their medical needs were treated.

This was an interesting quote:

Even when the plumbing in the kitchen sink broke, no one called maintenance to fix it. “The floor in the kitchen has rotted away under the vinyl flooring,” said Beaver Creek maintenance man Roger Dutton. “The entire floor has to be replaced.”

Dutton, who has worked at Beaver Creek for three years and in construction in the past, said he never saw anything like it.

“When I walked into the trailer, the stench was unbearable,” Dutton said. “There was trash and roaches everywhere. The refrigerator had food in it, but it was rotted left overs from fast food places, like left over french fries.”


I am sick to my stomach, not only at how this man treated the wife and kids he was supposed to love, but at the disgusting way in which he made them live. I wish someone would have thrown him into a roach- infested pit and let him see how he’d like that.


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