Anthony Hopkins Found Convicted on All Counts by Alabama Jury…

A fter an emotional trial full of horrific details, a jury has now found child molester/rapist and murderer Anthony Hopkins GUILTY on every charge he faced; murder (of his wife Arletha back in December 2004) and the rape/sexual abuse of his stepdaughter (that he abused since she was a pre-teen),  now in her early 20’s , who bravely took the stand to testify for the state. It is a great hope of mine that Mr. Hopkins gets put in the EZ pass lane straight to hell for the heinous crimes against his own family, too bad this wasn’t a death penalty case, for all of the evilness involved. Mr. Hopkins sentencing is scheduled for May 6, 2010.


I never thought I was staying across the street from a maniac over there… a neighbor, Mae Wright.

Jackson, Ala.- People living on Rylands Street didn’t know very much about their neighbor Anthony Hopkins, 37. But what most thought about him and his large family of 8 children was that they were dedicated to religion and attending church.

Anthony Hopkins in court

Hopkins or “Rev.” as some called him, was a traveling preacher, spreading the gospel all over this part of Alabama at various churches. Many felt sorry for the single father who told some that his wife had ran off and left the family. Yet, others were told his wife died in childbirth 3 years ago. In any case, those that believed him to be a righteous man of God, soon found out they were dead wrong.

Police say one of Hopkins oldest daughters arrived at a nearby child advocacy center, revealing years of sexual abuse from her father. During her interview the teen also revealed an even more shocking and grusome allegation: that her mother Arletha Hopkins, 36, had died 3 years ago, and her body was stored in a freezer at the family home. When the police served a search warrant at the home, they found the girl was telling the truth. The body of the mother was indeed found wrapped up in a sheet in a large freezer.

258 Rylands St., family home.

Authorities said there was never a missing person report filed by Artetha’s relatives, which left them confused as to how this could have happened. They believe Mrs. Hopkins has been dead for about as long as 3 years and was killed by her husband. Police are saying the mother caught Hopkins in the act of sexually molesting or assaulting their daughter and threw him out of the house.

The Church Hopkins was arrested at
The church Hopkins was arrested in, Jackson, Ala.

Ironically, Anthony Hopkins was arrested as he stood preaching to a congregation about forgiveness at the Inspirational Tabernacle Church of God in Christ Church. He faces charges including murder, rape, sodomy, sexual abuse and incest.

I just have to say, what a brave young lady the daughter was for turning in her father for all of these horrific crimes. The courage she managed to find, even after knowing her father had already killed her mom and could have most likely done the same to her or her siblings-is just amazing. I really hope Mr. Hopkins gets life without even a hint of parole he is a sick, twisted, sociopath who abused people’s trust-especially his own children’s trust and took their mother away out of his own sick selfishness.Yes, he should get a first class ticket to the deepest, darkest parts of hell. The deceased wife’s relatives were expected to take custody of the children, ages 3 to 17. They are now in state custody.

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