Cameron Palmer
Apopka, Fla.-Cameron Palmer was just 6 years old. He was staying with his great uncle Tony Gonsoulin this summer. Sadly, he will never return home to his mother and father ever again and his uncle is the reason why.
Gonsoulin made his first appearance before a judge today and was denied bond. Investigators say 49-year-old Tony Gonsoulin held Cameron Palmer under water and beat him after the little boy broke his computer at his home near Apopka, FL. Gonsoulin was accused of beating his nephew to death in the home. Over his backyard fence, a neighbor Richard D’Ginto claims he saw Gonsoulin holding the child under water in the swimming pool for about thirty seconds.
I don’t know why this neighbor didn’t call the police as soon as he witnessed this happening! a child is being forced under water and yelled at and this neighbor seemingly shrugs and walks back into his home-doing nothing to help??? Totally unbelieveable.
I know it’s pretty hot down in Florida, but is the heat FRYING PEOPLE’S BRAINS ??? Well, because this “good neighbor” didn’t lift a finger to intervene in the situation, poor Cameron was subjected to even more severe abuse inside Gonsoulin’s home the rest of the day. The abuse finally ended with Cameron being rushed to a hospital, where he died from severe brain injuries on last Friday.
Gonsoulin is now charged with aggravated child abuse and murder. His next court date is in August.
The boy’s mom lives out of state. She has arrived to pick up two other of her children who were living in the home.
I have to wonder why she had 2 of her other kids living with this man, uncle or no uncle-maybe that will be explained soon, it’s tragic that she trusted him, with it looks like most of her children, and he ended up taking 1 of their lives. Six years old, nothing but a baby, really. Once again, another family member who was trusted to care for a child, and ends up taking their precious life for no reason.

Uncle gets 20 years in death of boy, 6

April 07, 2009|By Rene Stutzman, Sentinel Staff Writer SANFORD — A judge Monday sentenced a Seminole County man to 20 years in prison for beating and drowning his 6-year-old nephew during the Fourth of July weekend.

Seconds later, the boy’s mother stood in the courtroom and yelled, “I hope you burn in jail . . . ”

The defendant, Tony Gonsoulin, 49, who lived near Apopka, did not react.Gonsoulin killed Cameron Palmer last summer.

 The medical examiner concluded the child died of a brain injury caused by blunt-force trauma and drowning, according to Assistant State Attorney Gino Feliciani.On July 3, Gonsoulin, the boy and other children were in Gonsoulin’s backyard pool.

Gonsoulin got angry with the boy, according to court records, took him to the bathroom, and when the child emerged, the toilet tank was shattered.

Authorities later found the child’s blood on the tank, wall and sink.

A short time later, a neighbor saw Gonsoulin dunk the boy in the pool and hold the child’s head underwater for about 30 seconds.

Someone then called paramedics, and they found the child barely breathing and coughing up water.

He was taken to a hospital, where he died the next day.

The boy and his two brothers lived in Franklin, La., with their parents but were spending the summer with their Uncle Tony.

On Monday, the victim’s father, John Palmer, burst into tears when he told the judge about his son.

“I agreed to let him go to Florida. I thought he’d be on vacation,” John Palmer said. His son “was robbed of his whole life. He was beaten. He was drowned. He was tortured. . . . Nothing can make the ache in my heart go away.”

Gonsoulin accepted a plea deal two weeks ago.

He pleaded no contest to second-degree murder and agreed to the 20-year term, so Monday’s sentence was no surprise.

What was a surprise was the mother’s outburst.

Heather Palmer had written a letter to the judge, and another family member read it.

“My soul cries for my son,” it said in part.

A short time later, Circuit Judge Marlene Alva pronounced Gonsoulin’s sentence.

Heather Palmer then stood in the back row and yelled at Gonsoulin, her uncle.

She was then ushered from the courtroom.