It’s a case that Nancy Grace described as having “layer upon layer of evil” on her show last night, and I am afraid she hit the nail on the head with that statement.

Vermont state police found the body of missing 12-year-old Brooke Bennett in Randolph,VT which is near the home of her uncle Michael Jacques (who has a prior conviction for aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping). According to an affidavit, a 14-year-old female witness told the Vermont investigators that Brooke’s uncle was directly involved in the girl’s disappearance.

Brooke and her uncle captured in store surveillance video

She told the police that Jacques “took Brooke to his home in order to initiate her into a child sex ring the day she disappeared”. This same witness also told the police that to be initiated into the ring, that Brooke would have to have sex with adult men. Witness also said that she and Brooke watched TV for a while before Jacques told her to leave and he lead Brooke upstairs. This was the last time she saw Brooke.(us district court affidavit).

On Monday Jacques was arrested and arraigned on aggravated sexual assault of a different girl who it looks like he also recruited for this “program” or sex ring. He was seen on the store videotape next to Brooke and was the last one with her. He planned out this whole thing very carefully,even going into Brooke’s myspace page and posting as her to make it look as if she was going to meet someone on the 25th of June. If that wasn’t enough, apparently he tricked Brooke into thinking she was attending a party, but instead she was brought to his home, and the 14-year-old relative of Jacques, who said she had been sexually assaulted by him since age 9 herself, LEFT HER THERE with this monster when she knew full well what he was capable of doing to her. This teenager should have some responsibility for this.


I know she is a minor and probably will not. However, you are talking about a little 12- year-old girl, that she could have saved if she had notified someone of what was going on earlier. Talk about leading a lamb to slaughter! What the devil was going on here?! This was truly evilness at its worst. He needs to get the death penalty and since he is being charged in federal court (with the kidnapping)-he is eligible to get that needle or the chair. Then, there is Brooke’s Stepfather Ray Gagnon, he is involved in all this too it appears.

“Raymond Gagnon, Brooke Bennett’s stepfather, also faces a federal obstruction of justice charge tied to his role in allegedly helping Jacques cover up the girl’s disappearance.”

Oh, this is all so twisted, cruel and sick. I’m so mad I can hardly see straight! Why were two sex offenders even allowed to be around Brooke at all??!! Her mother and her aunt saw nothing wrong with this either?

(Associated Press)

Brooke’s Obituary-Times Argus Newspaper (Vermont)

Brooke Bennett

West Braintree-Brooke Marie Bennett, 12, died last week in Randolph Center.

She was born July 12,1995, in Randolph, the daughter of James and Cassandra Bennett.

Brooke attended Braintree School and had just completed seventh grade at Randolph Union High School where she was a member of the girl’s basketball and lacrosse teams. She loved her pets, “Lily” the cat and “Scruffy” her dog. Brooke liked watching “Sponge Bob” and “Hannah Montana” on television and reading. She also liked to eat Bagels, popcorn and spaghetti, and was known to put ketchup on everything.

She is survived by her mother Cassandra Gagnon of West Braintree; her father and stepmother, James and Janet Bennett of Bethel; a sister Savanna Andress of West Braintree; 3 brothers, Dennis Andress of West Braintree, Nikolas and Cyrus Bennett of Bethel; her maternal grandmother, Lucinda Milne of West Braintree, maternal grandfather Dennis Adams of St. Petersburg, Fla. Maternal great-grandmother, Lila Woodard of Randolph Center and her paternal grandmother, Arlene St. Pierre of Bethel and step-grandparents, Osmyn and Sandra Stevens of Bethel.

Funeral services will be Wednesday July 9, 11:00a.m. at Murray Auditorium in the Randolph Union High School with the Rev. Ronald E. Rilling and Pastor Thomas Hardy officiating. Calling hours will be Tuesday evening from 5 to 8 pm at Murray Auditorium.

Friends wishing to make memorial contributions can make them out to the Molly Bish Foundation, 200 South Street, West Warren, MA 010912.

Online condolences may be left at www.dayfunerals.com

Arrangements under the direction of the Day Funeral Home, Randolph.


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