Chris Lukacs 

          Christopher Lukacs

This West Price Hill father who also happens to be a convicted sex offender, is accused of a reprehensible crime: repeatedly raping his four-year-old daughter over a time. The Hamilton County Ohio Prosecutor Joe Deters says 27-year-old Christopher Lukacs is charged with 4 cts. of rape, and 1 ct. of felonious assault.

The investigators say that the maternal Grandfather of the girl went to the family’s home to pick her and her older brother up for a visit. When he got to the home, he  discovered the little girl naked and contacted the police.

The County prosecutor said that investigators believe the rapes started in December. Then back in January, the girl was taken by ambulance to Children’s Hospital for treatment of vaginal injuries. Deters said that “incident was never investigated”, and he plans on finding out why. I’d like to know WHY too, vaginal injuries not investigated on a four year old? Are you kidding me? What were the people at the hospital thinking?  Insane, it’s really insane.

 The girl’s older brother was a key factor in  providing the investigators details and information to build their case against Lukacs. They need to give him life in prison, he can’t be reformed, first he raped some 12 year old and now rapes his own child?!! The state of Ohio should just cut it off, and you KNOW exactly what I mean. Guys like this are devils taking up our air on this earth and they make me sick!


 Ambre King

Ambre King

The victim’s “mother” Ambre King (29) was charged with 1 ct. of child endangering for turning her head sharply in the other direction, while her pedo. hubby had sex with her young daughter.  Why was she with a sex offender anyway? No alarms or warning bells went off in her head? Well… maybe not because maybe she was much more focused on keeping the jerk around, just ignoring his violating her baby the way he did. She should be thrown in jail right next to Christopher. Parents they were not and the girl and her brother are in my thoughts, and I hope they are adopted and go to live with normal people who will treat them humanely and with uncondtional love-something I’m sure they didn’t get living with these idiots.

Source:Local 12 WKRC-TV  Cinn. (Ohio)

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