Behind any child abuse statistic are heartbreaking child abuse stories. The reality is that even today, child abuse remains an “uncomfortable” subject in our society even with the rates of child abuse increasing. Child abuse reaches across all cultures,socio-economic lines, religions and educational levels.

Child abuse statistics are available to the public to make anyone aware of how common it is. I wanted to remind people that during this month of April, please educate yourself more on the topic of child abuse and learn the signs and-ACT. You could make a donation or volunteer at a child abuse prevention non-profit. Here are a few statistics I found about child abuse that will not just make you think about the problem, but perhaps stand up and make a difference in the prevention of child abuse:

  • 3 million reports of child abuse were reported in ’06 However experts argue that the real existing number of actual child abuse is triple the amount that is reported.
  • Every 10 seconds, a report of child abuse is made
  • Of the number of reported rapes of children under 12 years old,90% knew their perpetrator
  • 79% of the children who are killed because of abuse are younger than 4 years old.
  • There are 4 fatalities due to child abuse and neglect each year

 Blue Ribbon

If you suspect abuse of a child, please report. Once the signs are picked up on ( like unexplained bruises, behavior changes/regressive behaviors, fear of certain adults/caregivers). Sometimes older children who are suffering from abuse, will not come right out and disclose, but they may tell their friends over time about their abuse.  If you happen to be a parent, listen to what your child tells you about another child. If things don’t sound right, and you strongly suspect abuse or neglect make the call. You can save a child’s life.

 Source: Childhelp and Child Abuse