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An Omaha-area mom, 25-year-old Lisa Schuchard is now behind bars, and will most likely lose her parental rights, after police learned something past disturbing: She taught her preschool-aged daughter how to smoke pot.  The authorities allege Schuchard both taught and encouraged her child to use the drug, and worst yet, mom and her boyfriend sat and laughed as the girl and a sibling smoked from joints, bongs and pipes.

 The saddest part of it all, is when the investigators were interviewing the girl, she used a pen to demonstrate to them just how mommy instructed her to use pot.  For Paul and Pete’s sake people! What ever happened to showing your little ones oh, I don’t know….how to tie their shoes, the alphabet??-No 4-year-old child should even know how to say the phrase “smokin’ a joint”-let alone be able to show anyone how to light up!  Mom’s public defender had no comment (really, what exactly can he say to defend this?) and the Marijuana Mommy pled not guilty to the felony child abuse charges she’s now facing. Thankfully, the kids are in foster care. Read more about this one here.

**I wish I could personally thank the people who got involved and called CPS when they noticed the filthy environment these little children were living in and the suspicious bruises on the face of 1 of the children. The world needs more people to ACT and save children from living in these horrible, dangerous environments. One phone call really can save a child’s life.**


UPDATE-(orig. printed March 2008) from the JournalStar…

Mother says she didn’t teach child to smoke pot

By The Associated Press

Wednesday, Mar 12, 2008 – 04:49:13 pm CDT

OMAHA — An Omaha woman accused of teaching her 4-year-old daughter how to smoke marijuana says she did no such thing. Lisa Schuchard pleaded not guilty to felony child abuse Wednesday in Douglas County Court.

Last month, Child Protective Services received a complaint that Schuchard’s children were dirty and living in a filthy home that had drug paraphernalia around.According to police, the girl told officers that Schuchard and her live-in boyfriend would offer her and her brother the marijuana, then laugh with friends when they smoked.The 26-year-old Schuchard temporarily lost custody of her daughter and 2-year-old son.