wbbm0212carlapoole.jpg (Child killer, Poole)

Demond Reed(Demond, age 4)

Minneapolis, Minnesota-

Prosecutors say that Carla Cherisse Poole 37, beat little Demond Reed after he had an accident and soiled his pants. Poole was supposed to be caring for her cousin’s young son, who was originally from Chicago.

demondreedrip.jpg Grandfather Tony Ishmon says last good-bye to Demond February 18, 2008 at the Shiloh Temple International Ministries in Minneapolis.
(Source: TwinCities.com)

She not only beat the child, amazingly she ordered her kids to assist her by holding Demond down. Yes, children ages 4, 6 and 11 were witnesses (and forced acessories) to another child’s brutal beating and murder at the hands of their mother. How could any parent, let alone a mother, do something this twisted, brutal and evil? And all over soiled clothing?

Poole was later charged with second-degree intentional murder in the death of Demond Keith Reed, whose body was later discovered during a police search of the home. The boy’s body was stuffed in a green canvas bag, wrapped inside of a black plastic bag.

An autopsy revealed that this child had multiple bruises on his head,body and extremeties. Injuries inside his mouth were consistent with some sort of blunt object being shoved in it, rib fractures, puncture wounds on his stomach, back and buttocks, a large hematoma on the left eye, and a bite mark on his stomach, and bleeding on his brain.

Hennepin Co. Attorney Mike freeman told reporters, that poole “brutally beat him in front of her two children.. then made up a story about someone abducting the young man.” She is being held on a $1Million bond. If this monster doesn’t get put to death for this-there is truly no real justice for abused children in our country. What an absolute waste of air-space-life-monster. Another note to know: Demond was the first homicide victim of 2008 in Minneapolis.

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