A father in the Louisville area of Kentucky got more than carried away about his child’s  school report card. His son wound up in the hospital and Dad (who has a mile-long rapsheet by the way) was placed under arrest.

 The youngster had “red marks” on his report card which caused Dad to get angry and he  wanted to teach him a lesson-using a belt. The father hit his son some 30-40 times with the belt, leaving the child with brusing to his entire torso and legs. When the mother arrived home from work, and saw what happened she didn’t even get her child medical attention for his injuries. When the first grader returned to school the next day, he was then taken to Kosair Children’s Hospital.

The child’s father Henry Ballinger, Jr., has an arrest record of 46 arrests in the past 12 years, many of them from violent incidents.  You can read more at the website listed below. This poor little boy must have been so afraid of his 259lb father. I can’t see how this man thought that beating this child like that would improve anything.  If anything it would make him become violent against other children at school or make him hate having to go to school altogether.

I don’t want to say that I am totally against a (once in a blue moon) mild spanking of a child that is old enough to know better about things-and then used as a last resort. I know that I was spanked as a child,  so were my  brothers and sisters and to this day we have never been in trouble with the law and most of us have earned 4 year degrees and work in  pretty good careers. So mild spanking when done with other forms of discipline, guidance, and love-it can work.

Yet, this man seemed to be a bully and he seemed like he wanted to harm this child, not teach him to do better in school. Most parents want to discipline their children. not beat them into submission so bad, that they require medical attention. Also,  someone with a rapsheet like this father NEED NOT be around children in the first place. Nope, not even his own. 

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Source: WHAS-11