Merrifieldincourt Little Logan Goddall

After being postponed several times, the trial of the alleged killer/abuser of the little boy pictured-Logan Shane Goodall will begin January 14, 2008 in Putnam County, West Virginia. Logan Goodall was a two-year-old who was murdered in 2005. The person charged and now headed to trial for the boy’s murder is his mother’s ex-boyfriend Michael Merrifield, 32.

Prosecutors in the case say that in September of 2005, while the child’s mother Pepper Eren was at work, Michael Merrifield was left to watch Logan. At some point in time the toddler was sexually assaulted and beaten (allegedly) by Merrifield.

Merrifield insisted he was innocent of the charges against him (first degree murder and child neglect) but he was the only one home alone with little Logan. Also, at the time, an autopsy found that Logan had been severely beaten and and sexually abused before his death. According to reports, this baby was abused in the past and at the time of his death, the med. examiner found the following injuries: (Warning- the following is very graphic and sensitive readers may want to skip over)

  • He was either kicked, punched or beaten so severely that his liver ruptured.
  • His abdominal injuries as well as his head injuries were severe enough to cause death.
  • His bottom and feet were burned by someone dipping him into either boiling water or chemicals.
  • He was sexually assaulted by the application of pressure and/or pinching of his penis; his rectum was sexually violated, his scrotum was either cut, bitten or torn.

I can’t think of any earthly reason a 2-year-old baby would have to endure such cruel and sadistic punishment inflicted on them by anyone. This man, should be executed-but then of course doesn’t have the death penalty, but boy do they need to bring it back, JUST FOR MERRIFIELD!

And it gets even worse. It turns out that the mother Pepper Eren, was arrested, tried and is now doing 1-10 years in Lakin Women’s prison for child neglect. She was recently denied parole on Jan. 10th for her role in the death of her son. In addition, Michael Merrifield’s parents Doctor John and Diane Merrifield are to go to trial in March of this year-each being charged with a felony count of gross neglect creating a substantial risk of injury or death.

Their negligence, prosecutors say, may have led to the death of 2-year-old Logan. Dr. John Merrifield is also accused of two misdemeanor counts of failing to notify the proper authorities about possible abuse after treating Logan for injuries. An indictment said that a few weeks before the child’s death, Dr. Merrifield treated a wound on Logan’s scrotum and treated burns on his heels and buttock area.

I hope they get convictions and very long jail sentences for protecting a murdering and abusing son-rather than protecting a defenseless child like Logan. I don’t care that Michael Merrifield was their son, and they felt they needed to protect him. They broke the law and they should be held accountable for it.

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