Wayne Burkhart in court
Wayne Burkhart in court

September 26, 2008-

 Wayne Burkhart finally went on trial for the crimes against his own children.

A jury in Tazewell convicted the Claiborne County man of rape and torturing his teenage daughters with an dog shock collar. The assistant district attorney, Amanda Sammons told the local news channel. that jurors returned guilty verdicts on 11 counts of rape, 11 counts of incest and 3 counts of aggravated child abuse.

Stepmom-didn't lift a hand to help victims

The man’s wife Rebecca, awaits trial on aggravated child abuse charges because she did nothing to stop the abuse of the children.

15 Year old brother of Victim
15 -year -old brother of victim shows how father used dog shock collars

 The father was sentenced to 70 Years  in prison for the sadistic crimes committed against his children, according to the newschannel site WBIR out of Tennessee.

Source: Volunteer TV

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Last month, a Claiborne County, Tennessee grand jury was set to decide whether to indict Wayne Burkhart of Cumberland Gap,Tn  for charges of allegedly raping two older teen daughters and forcing them to wear shock collars as punishment.

What ever happened to just grounding children as punishment, or taking away their phone or computer privleges? That is what normal parents would do in these times of technology, isn’t it? Not according to life with Mr. Burkhart. In order for his children to be under his total control-he forced them to wear remote-controlled electric collars on thier bodies (I believe on their leg/ankle area).

Burkhart Abuse Case Video

  One of the daughter’s told the police that she was shocked with the collar for such a small infraction as “going out with a boy”,  according to an affidavit from back in the fall. The younger girl (now 18) has siblings that corroborated her and her older sister’s (19 years old) accounts of abuse. If that wasn’t enough painful humilation, both teens also told the authorities their father also sexually assaulted them. 

Wayne Burkhart was then arrested and charged with:

  • 2 counts of aggravated child assault
  • 2 counts of rape
  • Rebecca Burkhart was charged with 2 counts of aggravated child neglect and failing to report the abuse, abuse that the children said she stood by and witnessed. How could ANY mother stand by and allow this and not protect the children? I will hope she can explain how she did that come trial time.

The 2 oldest girls showed bruises that came from the collars to the investigators. The 18-year-old daughter got the courage to tell a resource officer at her school about what was going on and then the authorities were informed. She said that she was fearful that her younger sister was going to be next to suffer from the same abuse. According to reports all of the children were in foster care, but the oldest girl was missing. I am praying that they find her somewhere safe, and that all of those children recover and heal from this.

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