Father From Hell

  This father is charged with “unimaginable” abuse of his son…

Jason Flick of Somerset, Pa.(27) will surely have a special seat reserved for him in hell after how he treated his toddler son. Flick and the boy’s mother 19-year-old Rogi Spangler, took him to the emergency room with a broken leg back on September 30, 2007.

They explained that the child had tumbled down the stairs, but the doctors were certain the injuries didn’t match up with an accidental fall and alerted the police.

Little Kaleb Flick was suffering from a fractured leg/spiral fracture (meaning someone had to have twisted his leg at some point), blunt force trauma to his liver and pancreas, a  skull fracture and other internal injuries.  Kaleb was quickly placed into foster care, and a 3- month-investigation began. Witnesses informed the investigators of several instances where they saw this child being horribly mistreated by Jason Flick.  




Kaleb Flick

 According to the affidavit, witnesses revealed the following involving Jason Flick’s treatment of his son:


  1. Kaleb was struck so hard by his father, that he was left breathless
  2. He was shot with an air gun by his father
  3. Kaleb had a picture of the male genitalia drawn on his face by father, as well as a variety of obscene words written on his body (neck, chest area)
  4. Had his mouth forced open, hot sauced poured down throat
  5. Kaleb had beer poured into his sippy cup
  6. He was knocked in the head with the metal part of a toy gun
  7. Had a snake wrapped around his neck causing him to become hysterical

 According to investigators, Jason Flick has quite the history of violence in his past. He has been arrested for criminal trespassing, simple assault, and was also involved in an incident at a local bar earlier in the year.

 For the abuse of his son, Mr. Flick has been arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child, aggravated assault, and simple assault. He is now in Somerset  Co. Jail with a $25,000 bail.  The boy’s mother, Rogi Spangler is also under investigation, but as of now, no charges have been filed against her. Kaleb remains in foster care and is reportedly doing very well. I wish him all the best and a loving, dedicated new set of parents.


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