Tajanay Bailey Tajanay Bailey (3) Indianapolis, IN

TaJanay Bailey, 3 years old will not get to celebrate the holidays this year. While other children are excited, thinking about what Santa will bring on Christmas morning, this child will have already had her funeral.

Just a mere month after child protection services placed little Tajanay Bailey (3) back into her mother’s custody her young life was suddenly ended. Tajanay’s “mother” Charity Bailey (20) (*or as I liked to call women like this (egg donor), and her punk boyfriend Lawrence Green (20), allegedly tortured this innocent little girl. They are accused of the following crimes against the preschooler:

    Hanging her in the closet for wetting herself
    Kneeing her in the head
    Delivering blows to Tajanay’s chest
    Whipping her with a belt


    According to the police, when the paramedics arrived to the home, it was filthy and descibed as “an apartment in squalor.” The girl was later pronounced dead after being rushed to the hospital. Tajanay had previously lived with a foster mother named Janice Springfield, for a while. This foster mother warned the state’s child welfare authorities that Tajanay would be in danger in mom’s care. Tajanay and her infant brother had previously been removed from the mother before due to medical neglect and child abuse.

    However, the state of Indiana for some unGodly reason decided to return Tajanay back to her mother anyway. They totally ignore the advice of a foster mother who had bonded with and cared for this child for most of her life and now that child is gone. Killed after being tortured, humiliated and treated no better than a rabid old dog.

    This is still happening and I don’t know why these state agencies turn a deaf ear to good foster parents who work so hard to protect these kids and nurture them, and give them a better life. A life they deserve! It was clear Charity Bailey was not going to improve-why did Tajanay have to be the failed experiment on this?

Sources:Indianapolis Channel

Bailey and Green Speak Out-From News WTHR

TaJanay murder suspect speaks out

Originally Posted: Nov 30, 2007 12:48 PM EST

Updated back on: Dec 19, 2007 01:11 PM EST

Emily Longnecker/Eyewitness News

Lawrence GreenTaJanay BaileyCharity Bailey

Adrian Springfield, TaJanay’s former foster parent: “I’m just going to make sure that they get this right this time because it is terrible,” Springfield said. “The system — somebody failed her.”

Marion County – A mother and her fiancé faced a judge Friday and heard accusations of killing three-year-old Tajanay Bailey. Both face life without parole if convicted in her death.

Charity Bailey and her boyfriend Lawrence Green both pleaded not guilty to charges of neglect, battery and murder. It was the scene before court that revealed what Green may have told fellow jail inmates about what happened.

With charges of murder for neglect awaiting her, Charity Bailey hid her face from cameras as she got ready to face Judge Tanya Walton Pratt. For Bailey’s live-in boyfriend, Lawrence Green, who is also facing the same charges as Bailey plus a felony battery charge, it was a different story.

Green kept his head up and had this to say about TaJanay. “I’m not the one who whipped her,” he said.

The inmates behind Green taunted him to answer, saying, “Might as well speak up,” “It’s over for you, bro,” and “Tell her what you told us.”

When Green wouldn’t answer, they did it for him. “He said it wasn’t him. It was his girl. He said his girl put it all on him,” one inmate said.

Investigators have said Green and Bailey beat and tortured Tajanay over several days, at one point hanging the toddler by her

T-shirt in a closet. The inmates said Green had his own version of the story.

“He said he hung her on the hanger to stop the girl from beating her. That’s what he said. He hung her on the hanger to stop his girl from beating him.”

But if Green said anything like that to his fellow inmates, he wouldn’t repeat it for cameras. It was dead silence getting ready to face Judge Walton Pratt.

Heading into court, TaJanay’s foster father Adrian Springfield spoke briefly, saying he was there for TaJanay, a little girl he loved and lost.

“I’m just gonna make sure that they can get this right this time, ’cause it’s terrible, the system. Somebody failed is what it seemed to be and I want to make sure she’s treated fairly. That’s all,” said Springfield.

Charity Bailey and Lawrence Green sat next to each other in court but did not speak to each other or even look at each other. Only Bailey showed some emotion, shaking her head with her eyes full of tears when the judge read the charges against her.

Prosecutor Carl Brizzi, meanwhile, says going for life without parole is smarter than going for the death penalty.

“You need a very compelling criminal history and also with the state of the death penalty, difficult obtaining a conviction, the possibility of reversal, this is really the better choice with these facts,” he said.

In another courtroom, a judge is deciding whether to make public TaJanay’s case as a foster child. A mountain of paperwork could reveal why she was returned to her birth mother after a doctor found evidence of neglect.

Undoubtedly more facts of the case will emerge as investigators pour over Department of Childrens Services files about TaJanay. For now, Brizzi said it was too soon to say if anyone at DCS could face criminal charges in the toddler’s death.

A trial date was set for March.