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Rowan Ford (9)-Stella, MO

Rowan Ford a 9-year-old-girl who loved going to the

Baptist church 2 times a week and riding her little blue bicycle turned up missing on Nov. 2, 2007. She lived with her mom Colleen Spears (44) and her Stepfather David Spears in the small village of Stella, MO. The last person to see her was her 25 year old Stepfather David-who babysat the girl as her mom would work the overnight shift at Walmart.


Mom Colleen returned from work and noticed her daughter was gone. She asked Davidhad he seen her. David said no and oddly adds that she may have awakened him in thenight and asked about going over to a friend’s house. (Right, most kids that age are scared to get up and go get a drink from the kitchen!, but this one asked to go hang out with her friends? Is this guy really as dumb as he looked on tv?)

Searchining for Rowan


Rowan remains missing for a week. Mom assisted authorities and did whatever they asked of her. She even takes a polygraph. Stepdad however, is a different story. David Spears doesn’t and it’s discovered he borrowed his mother’s car and drove off, leaving the 9 year old home alone that night. He was gone for 5 hours and doesn’t give a decent alibi as to just where he’d driven off to? Hmmmmm… Meanwhile, the tiny community of Stella, MO continued to search for this child. They were comforting their frightened children, holding candle light vigils and hoping that little Rowan would be found safe and returned back to her mother. After a few days, a blanket of suspicion starts to cover Mr. Spears. Even after his tearful appearance on the news, it does little to ease the growing suspicion, and quiet the whispers among those in town.

People started saying “It looks like he had something to do with it”, “Something doesn’t feel right here” and “This is not looking very good for that poor little girl.” Sadly, what some of the people in Stella were thinking turned out to be true: on Nov. 9 the girl’s body was found in a cave in nearby McDonald county. On Nov.10th, many of the townspeople were not surprised when David Spears (25) was arrested along with his friend Chris Collings (32) for the dispicable crimes against Rowan Ford. 

Rowan's Killers
Collings and Spears in Court

The Barry Co. Sheriff said that in an affidavit Mr. Collings said that he and Spears took the child from her home early on Nov.2, 2007 and that they drove her to Chris’ travel trailer( about 10 miles away) where Collings confessed to murdering Rowan. He said that he and Spears raped the child and that one of  them (it is not clear yet who) took a netting cord and strangled her to death.


This is so heartbreaking and evil that 2 men could do this to an innocent child that never did anything to anyone. Another child gone forever, without the chance to grow up because of 2 sick perverted monsters-one of which was SUPPOSED to love and PROTECT her. I certainly hope that MO is a death penalty state. If so, then they better make room for these two right now!

 Collings and Spears are each charged with the following:

  • 1 count of 1st degree murder
  • 1 count of forcible rape
  • 1 count of statutory rape


Read the Probable Cause Affidavit Here

And charges against Collings for kidnapping maybe pending. Spears will not get this charge, as he was married to victims mother-and therefore had legal  guardianship of Rowan. Both are sitting w/o bail in the Barry County Jail where I hope somebody will show them the same treatment they inflicted on poor Rowan.

RIP Rowan

RIP little Rowan, angel.




Article: Rowan Ford’s Last Hours Were “Unhuman”

by Paul Adler, KY3 News

Trailer where Rowan was kidnapped and taken

 CASSVILLE, Mo. — Law officers believe the same type of cord used to tie up the goats near Chris Collings’ camper also ended Rowan Ford’s life. One of the two men charged for Rowan’s murder told a detective the reason.”One of them stated (it was) because she looked up at him,” said Barry County Sheriff Mick Epperly.

Detectives think Chris Collings and David Spears took the 9-year-old girl to Collings’ camper. Inside the rundown, dirty camper, Epperly says, the two men raped the girl.

One of the men said she pleaded with them to stop. Investigators believe the two men pulled her out of the camper after they raped her, pulled a cord out of a truck and then strangled her.

“I could not tell you what went through this man’s mind at that time,” Epperly said, “Drinking and drugs and what could go through anybody’s mind to sexually abuse a 9-year-old innocent girl? That’s just unhuman.”

Hearing about Rowan’s last moments, Collings’ brother gets sick to his stomach.

“I’m just kind of wondering if he ain’t covering up for somebody,” said Greg Horton.


Spears is scheduled to go to trial July 10, 2010, in Phelps County, where the case is being heard on a change of venue from Barry County.

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