Matthew Booth


Slain Father, Matthew Booth,Sr.

13-Year-Old Girl Blasts Father with Shotgun -Elizabeth Township,Penn. 

Police say that 13-year-old Rachel Booth took a shotgun that her father Matthew Booth, Sr. (34) taught her to use on hunting trips, pointed it at his face and fired, killing him.



She was then taken to the Allegheny Co. jail and charged as an adult.

Ummm…I think the prosecutor forgot that she was just 13 years of age, there’s no reason why she had to be charged (initially) as an adult-especially when the motive behind killing her father was eventually released.

Authorities say Rachel killed her father after suffering from years of physical and sexual abuse (begining at age 7) at the hands of her father.  It was revealed that the girl was allegedly sexually assaulted by her father,  just hours before she pulled the trigger. A rape kit was done and showed that she had sexual contact-but the investigators are still awaiting results of a DNA test to determine if her father assaulted her.

The investigating officers also say that Rachel was forced to live in DEPLORABLE conditions in the home she shared with her father and 14-year-old brother.

Rachel had to sleep on a filthy, beat-up sofa, and the house was filled with broken furniture, empty beer cans,pornographic magazines,trash and dirty clothing. There was no running water, and flies and fleas were everywhere.

The teen was forced to call this "home"

(AP photo Rachel’s home)

Neighbors would recall hearing the girl screaming in the middle of the night,No daddy! No! I’m sorry.”

 The Prosecutor who toured the home said he was nearly physically ill by the stench of cat urine and other animal feces in the home. He doesn’t understand why Rachel and her brother were allowed to live in such a sickening environment for so long.

Well, neither do I and of course it’s a question that CYF (Pa. child protection agency) has yet to answer (and under the law they aren’t required to I guess). I’ve got other questions as well like…

  1. Why was this father given custody (temp. or not) of this child when the child’s mother (Michelle Fazek) had to get multiple orders of protection against him for violent behavior?

  2. Why was this 13-year-old allowed to work at a company (Boston Stichery) and recieve a paycheck?

Neighbors who heard Rachel screaming-why didn’t they alert authorities right away? It is so sad how neighbors hear (or see) things they know isn’t right or that a child may need help, but simply turn their heads the other way. Turning away will  only end in more tradgedies like this one happening across America.